Boundary and Topographical Surveys

Establish reliable boundaries between private property parcels.

What is a Boundary Survey?

Private property is founded on the establishment of reliable boundaries between parcels. In the absence of such boundaries, disputes and misunderstandings flourish. Property owners may wish to make improvements in an area that's adjacent to an apparent boundary. It's crucial for landowners to understand the exact limits of their parcels.


Cost and Other Considerations

The cost of a boundary survey is subject to several important factors as well as the protocols of the surveying firm that's hired to perform the work. Cost-related factors may include:

  • The location, ruggedness and accessibility of the surveyed parcel
  • The size of the surveyed parcel
  • Seasonal variations in leaf cover, ground markings and other potentially important features of the land
  • The shape and extent of the surveyed parcel
  • The purpose for which the survey is being commissioned
  • Record of Survey is required if the survey performed falls under the requirements of the survey recording act . Then a drawing must be performed under RCW 58.09 .040 through 58.09.090 and filed with the Auditors office in the county in which the survey was performed.


Final Thoughts

It should be noted that a parcel of land has a written description. The written description may not always coincide with ownership lines. This is due to laws relating to adverse possession, acquiescence and other property related laws. It is the duty of the Professional Land Surveyor, to document these discrepancies and make his client aware of any unusual circumstances.

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