A.L.T.A. / A.C.S.M. Surveys

Data rich surveys to satisfy financial institution requirements.

Our A.L.T.A. Surveys provide the data that the companies and financial institution require, to ensure that you receive the title insurance you need . We follow the standards set forth by the American Land Title Association (ALTA), as well as additional requirements specified by you
and/or the lender . Our team will review the title commitment to accurately demonstrate easements, both benefiting and encumbering the property including any encroachments or issues that could pose a risk to your investment. We carefully locate improvements on the property and prepare a concise, detailed drawing that is easy to review.


What is an ALTA Survey?

An ALTA Survey is used for satisfying the lender about the title of the property and its actual location with the specification. It is in the form of a map, which contains the information according to the ALTA standards.


What is included in an ALTA Survey?

The specific data, which is expected on the ALTA Survey, include the exact location of the buildings, with the demarcation of the boundaries, improvement undertaken by the actual owner or the titleholder, and the access rights possessed by the building under consideration. Some of the access rights, which can be considered in the ALTA, include water, telephone, gas, railways, and any other utility applicable for the property.


How is it different from Boundary Survey?

The difference between the boundary survey and the ALTA survey is that ALTA survey is that ALTA survey contains much more information than the boundary survey and is thus more expensive to conduct when compared with the boundary survey. A typical boundary survey contains pieces of information related to the location of the property and the boundary lines of each property but any improvements made during time are not included in the boundary surveys. So, the ALTA/ACSM surveys can be regarded as comprehensive ones whereas boundary surveys can be regarded as only a part of the ALTA surveys. This is why the boundary surveys are much lesser in terms of cost.

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