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With over 50 years experience, D.R. Downing Land Surveying Inc. provides Land Surveying and Land Planning services to the Puget Sound Region...

Boundary Surveys

Private property is founded on the establishment of reliable boundaries between parcels. In the absence of such boundaries, disputes and misunderstandings flourish...

Our Services

Boundary & Topographical

Establish reliable boundaries between private property parcels.

Boundary Line Adjustments

Adjust boundary lines of existing lots based on municipal requirements.

A.L.T.A. & A.C.S.M Surveys

Data rich surveys to satisfy financial institution requirements.

Elevation Certificates

Existing and new construction certificates for insurance and to verify floodplain location.

Preliminary Plats & Final Plats

Maps for the division of existing plots, both for proposals and final approval.

As-built Surveys

Ensure your construction project is on track and you're meeting zoning rules.

Wetland Surveys

Standard wetland delineation for new land improvement projects.

Construction & Commercial Staking

Set reference points to guide in new construction for roads, buildings and utilities.

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